A.Y. Strauss Partner Interviewed About Real Estate Law Innovation for DealStat Blog

A.Y. Strauss partner Lonnie Halpern sat down with DealStat blog for a wide-ranging interview that covered real estate, law, and technology.

Halpern described how technology has become a critical facet of the practice of law. He mentioned that companies like SmartDocs and Contract Express are helping to facilitate the drafting process and providing more time for legal professionals to focus on the substantive issues of a case. Much of the conversation focused on blockchain technology, an innovation that allows for the development of smart, self-executing contracts. He called the technology a “disruptor” and expects the technology to cause major changes in the real estate industry.

Halpern also cited “design thinking” as a something to watch in the legal-tech space. It is an approach to problem-solving that is user centered. Looking at the trends across the industries, he described 2017 as a “breakthrough” year for real estate technology companies and encouraged the legal industry to keep innovating in the new year.

Read the full interview “Look at Legal Tech: Conversation with Lonnie Halpern.