Making Development Dreams a Reality with Ian Bruce Eichner, Founder, Chairman & CEO, Continuum Company

Ian Bruce EichnerIan Bruce Eichner is a seasoned commercial real developer focused on urban mixed-use properties in the United States. He has a proven track record in real estate spanning more than three decades. His vast portfolio of projects includes Madison Square Park Tower, City Spire, One Broadway Place, The Manhattan Club, The Royale and Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights. Outside of New York, Mr. Eichner has developed the Continuum South Beach, a 2-tower gated beachfront community in Miami Beach, Florida and the Cosmopolitan Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mr. Eichner’s acute business sense has produced a series of visionary real estate developments that have been characterized by a creative mix of distinctive, purpose-built properties. His notable development achievements that were the first in their class include: the first high-rise in Brooklyn since landmarks height legislation was passed in 1965 (Montague Street, 1998); the first and only beachfront gated community in Miami’s South Beach (The Continuum, 2002-2008); and the first development on the Las Vegas strip to employ an urban development model, maximizing a small 8.5 acre site to its full square footage potential of 6.5 million square feet (Cosmopolitan Resort & Casino).

Mr. Eichner’s career in real estate follows almost a decade in the criminal justice system, which included terms as an Assistant District Attorney and program development chief of a gubernational agency during Nelson Rockefeller’s tenure.

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