Partner Stephanie Blumstein to Speak at IFA’s 2023 Legal Symposium on Frequently Arising Issues in Arbitration

Stephanie BlumsteinWe are pleased to announce that Partner Stephanie J. Blumstein will be speaking at the International Franchise Association 2023 Legal Symposium in Washington, D.C. on the topic “Frequently Arising Issues in Arbitration” on May 8 and 9.

The program will cover recent developments and frequently arising issues in arbitrations, including in the areas of who decides whether claims are to be arbitrated or litigated; enforceability of agreements to arbitrate; class/multi-claimant waivers; locale issues; waiver; and the ability to require non-signatories to participate in arbitrations and party limitations. Ms. Blumstein will be joined by speaker, Jim Goniea from Self Esteem Brands, LLC and the program will be moderated by Frank J. Sciremammano from Lathrop GPM LLP.

For more information on the 2023 Legal Symposium and to register, click here.


About the International Franchise Association’s Legal Symposium

IFA’s Legal Symposium is designed by a task force of member volunteers with a particular emphasis on how legal and regulatory issues affect the everyday business operations of the franchise system. The program provides value and real-world solutions to both business executives and their franchise legal partners. Sessions focus on the practical use of the law, and the how-to’s for navigating today’s business and regulatory environment. The Legal Symposium is a training ground for what business executives and legal counsel need to know, and how to put it into practice.