Partner Stephanie Blumstein to Speak on Venues for Franchise Disputes at 2023 ABA Forum on Franchising

We are pleased to announce that Partner Stephanie J. Blumstein will be co-presenting at the 2023 ABA Forum on Franchising in Dallas, Texas, for the session titled, “W-9: The Litigation Before the Litigation” on November 2nd and 3rd.

The program will focus on considerations that attorneys and clients must explore when drafting forum selection clauses in franchise agreements and making forum selection decisions. Topics will include strategic considerations when selecting a venue, challenging forum selection, jurisdictional considerations, general venue transfer principles, and litigation over arbitrability and the Federal Arbitration Act. The panel will also discuss issues that arise when related claims are subject to simultaneous arbitration and litigation.

Ms. Blumstein will also be a panelist at the Solo/Small Firm Breakfast on November 3rd, discussing recently promulgated standards for the use of pre-sale questionnaires and acknowledgments in franchise offerings.

For more information on the 2023 ABA Forum on Franchising and to register, click here.