Achieving maximum fund recovery for secured and unsecured creditors

Being owed money – with no promise of repayment in sight – is a helpless position to be in. Fortunately, in cases of bankruptcy, creditors do have certain rights.

A.Y. Strauss routinely represents individuals and businesses who are owed money by debtors, working to maximize the potential return to our clients. Our team of bankruptcy attorneys assists both unsecured and secured creditors in preserving and enforcing their rights and claims against bankruptcy estates in even the most complex financial restructurings.

We represent, landlords, trade creditors, institutional lenders and other vendors in the following matters:
• Non-judicial foreclosures
• Owner financed loans
• Preference claim defense
• Lift stay motions
• Automatic stay violation defense
• Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 plan objections
• Discharge contests
• Valuation disputes