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Choosing the right contracting approach for a construction or renovation project is one of the most important steps to ensuring a successful project. Choose wisely and the various project participants should work together like the different instruments in a symphony. But choose an approach that doesn’t match up with your particular project and the result can be far less harmonious.

The selection of project delivery method is critically important. Ideally, the choice should be made before the project even gets underway, when the owner and other key stakeholders are in the best position to set the project on the right track and help deliver a successful outcome. Of course, there is no single best approach for construction project delivery. Each approach has advantages and disadvantages and what may work for one project could be a poor fit for another. Having experienced counsel to help you navigate the selection process and safeguard your interests is key.

We have extensive experience structuring virtually all of the major contracting approaches, including the traditional methods as well as more innovative or cutting edge approaches. We can also advise on different pricing methods for your project, and have deep knowledge of the most commonly used contracts.

These various options include:
• Design-build
• Design-bid-build
• Construction management (CM)
• Integrated project delivery (IPD)
• Fixed price vs. GMP vs. cost-plus
• AIA, Consensus Docs, DBIA, EJCDC and FIDIC contract forms