Protecting the rights and interests of those you love.

Caring for loved ones who are minors, incapacitated, injured, ill or elderly, can be difficult if one lacks the legal authority to make decisions on their behalf regarding finances, housing, healthcare, insurance benefits and other needs. One may also find assistance is required to select a guardian one can trust to manage the lifetime needs of loved ones.

A.Y. Strauss can help guide you through the guardianship process. We work with our clients to determine who may be best suited to serve as a guardian or to petition the court for guardianship to protect an individual’s needs or finances.

Our Private Client Services attorneys have handled many types of guardianships including:

  • Guardian of the Person: has the authority to make decisions about an individual’s life ranging from where the person will live to their medical treatment
  • Guardian of the Estate (or conservator): attends to the financial affairs and property of an individual
  • General Guardian: has general care and control of an individual’s personal well-being and of the financial interests of an estate
  • Guardian Ad Litem: is a person appointed by the court to investigate solutions in the best interest of a child or children in a divorce or parental rights and responsibilities matter