Our Litigation Group is composed of dedicated, zealous and highly professional attorneys who have the experience and resources necessary to represent individuals and business entities in state and federal courts at all levels throughout the country. We take a collaborative approach with our clients so that a measured and thoughtful strategy is implemented to obtain the most favorable outcome.

Our litigators focus on commercial litigation, real estate litigation, construction disputes, franchise litigation, and class action litigation. The main objective is always to develop an appropriate strategy, provide clear advice, and execute plans to shape the best resolution possible — whether through negotiation, mediation, litigation, or other methods of alternative dispute resolution such as binding arbitration. We leverage our deep knowledge and expertise to systematically delve into a dispute to resolve differences and, where appropriate, offer counsel to negotiate a settlement. We appreciate our clients’ needs to resolve disputes in a timely and cost-effective manner, and if a settlement is not feasible, we remain steadfast and committed to litigate from trial through appeal as necessary.

Commercial Litigation

If you conduct business in today’s world, it’s a fact of life that things sometimes don’t work out as well as you had expected. Or, you may find that one of your business partners or customers believes, rightly or wrongly, that they have a claim against you. When a commercial dispute occurs, you need experienced counsel to guide you – whether that means bringing a claim against the party who didn’t perform as required or defending your interests in a claim brought against you.

A.Y. Strauss takes a pragmatic and thoughtful approach to dispute resolution, aiming to create opportunities to resolve problems for our clients in the most cost effective and practical means possible. In some situations, disputes can be resolved through negotiation or mediation, while others may require litigation and other methods of alternative dispute resolution, such as binding arbitration. Our team has years of experience and proven success zealously representing clients in a wide range of commercial disputes, from straightforward claims to more complicated, high-stakes matters. Not only are we well-versed in litigation procedures – we pride ourselves on thinking creatively and strategically to win cases.

Real Estate Litigation

As one of the premier firms handling commercial real estate, we understand that deals sometimes may collapse as a result of unique circumstances. When a real estate deal fails, often, claims may follow. When a claim arises, you need experienced professionals who understand sophisticated real estate transactions. We can help you navigate the dispute process to achieve your objectives in a timely and cost-effective manner.

A.Y. Strauss offers our clients an integrated, business-minded approach to address your real estate litigation needs. Our litigators work seamlessly with our real estate team to craft strategies to achieve the best possible result for you.

Construction Disputes

In today’s fast-paced world, construction and renovation projects can often lead to disputes between the various parties involved in any given undertaking. The litigation team at A.Y. Strauss has extensive experience in handling and resolving the full range of claims that can arise before, during and after a construction project.

To help navigate and resolve these conflicts, our litigation team understands that all parties on the project – owners, developers, and contractors of all tiers – have their own unique interests and a stake in the outcome. By thinking strategically, our team can help you prosecute and defend the various claims that may arise from a project, including change orders, delay damages, differing site conditions, defective workmanship, and default and termination.

For our client’s benefit, we combine our background and experience in the construction industry with our dispute resolution skills. From exploring and assessing complicated fact patterns to allocating responsibility and liability for the problems at issue, we can offer our clients sound strategy and advice on achieving the best possible result in any particular dispute.

Class Actions

Our class actions attorneys  represent private and public parties in a variety of multiparty class action cases in both state and federal courts. With a deep understanding of the need for strategic planning and strong leadership in this practice area, we represent classes of all sizes in cases involving claims such as consumer fraud, employment and wage disputes, breach of contract, defective products, and other consumer protection claims. We aggressively litigate our cases, from filing through certification to trial or settlement. Our expansive knowledge of the local and federal rules, the procedural nuances, and substantive law have earned us the trust of our clients and respect of our peers.

Our class action litigators have a strong history of success and have been recognized as leaders in the industry. We work closely with our clients and often collaboratively with out-of-state and national firms as co-counsel, local counsel, and on leadership committees in both the courts and arbitral forums. Our litigators have been appointed lead and co-lead counsel on national and state class actions and have achieved excellent results for their clients. We operate with the purpose, knowledge, specialized skills, and expertise required to navigate the procedural and logistical complexities of the class action mechanism in order to achieve the best results.