Trust us to help you navigate your fiduciary responsibilities.

The fiduciary duty is one of the highest legal responsibilities one can undertake for another’s life or property. As a fiduciary, it is critical to understand all of the roles and responsibilities associated with managing another’s assets or estate. A breach of fiduciary duty can carry serious penalties.

Our attorneys have the background and experience necessary to assert and defend fiduciary claims. We represent professionals, entities and individuals in their roles as administrators, executors, guardians, conservators, trustees, powers of attorney, and personal representatives.

We assist our clients with alternative dispute resolution opportunities, mediation, and if necessary, resolving difficult disputes through litigation.

Our services include legal counsel on:

• Disputes between beneficiaries and the trustee or among beneficiaries
• Legal rights of beneficiaries
• Liquidating assets and paying creditors
• Preparation and settlement of accounts
• Property management
• Terms of trusts and discretionary distributions
• Trust investment direction and compliance
• Termination or modification of trusts
• Informal and formal accountings of trusts