Protection. So your hard work, vision and property remain yours.

The identification, protection, and strategic use of intellectual property is critical to the success of any business, whether early-stage or established. We help our clients register and protect trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets, negotiate the acquisition and exploitation of intellectual property rights, and expand the commercial value of intellectual property through licensing and royalty structures.

In today’s world, protecting your intellectual property has never been more imperative.

Today’s IP assets and businesses are increasingly technology-based and web-based, making them tempting targets to unscrupulous competitors. We help emerging tech and media companies, established enterprises and creative entrepreneurs alike to navigate the online and offline marketplaces successfully, profitably and legally. We are experts at assisting in securing copyright protection for original creative and copyrightable works, and thoroughly protecting your brand and your reputation, something that is imperative in today’s challenging digital marketplace.

We can protect your brand, your reputation and your assets:

• Draft and negotiate intellectual property license and development agreements
• Help select and register protectable trademarks and trade names
• Ensure trademark, copyright, and trade secret protection
• Negotiate confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements
• Search for conflicting marks and advise on alternatives
• Counsel regarding intellectual property rights development and infringement and dispute resolution
• Counsel on strategies for entering new marketplaces both online and offline
• Leverage intellectual property asset to maximize value
• Advise on website design protection, domain registration and transfer, and cybersquatting