The Psychology of Emerging Markets with Adam Altman, Managing Member, The KABR Group

Inspired by the bustling, ever-changing neighborhoods of his youth, featured guest Adam Altman of The KABR Group believes that the most profitable real estate investment portfolio is fueled by a clear understanding of the people – merchants, employers, employees, government officials, etc. – behind the community.

Altman and host Aaron Strauss discuss how that demographic understanding has always been part of The KABR Group’s approach to acquisitions and how the fund’s savvy purchases (100+ assets), sales (50+ assets), ongoing operations (45 assets), and impressive investments (thousands of apartments, millions of square feet of office space, and nearly a billion dollars in construction) may have even sparked Jersey City’s development renaissance.

Additional highlights include:

  • Altman’s take on the best way to become part of the commercial real estate industry;
  • The essential factors he considers when buying assets and which assets he believes give the best returns;
  • How to handle setbacks, mistakes, investments that don’t align as anticipated; and
  • The importance of having great mentors and eventually becoming one yourself.

Adam Altman, of the KABR group. Ridgefield Park, NJ 7/17/17 (Robert Sciarrino | Photography)

Adam Altman is an entrepreneur and real estate investor with extensive experience in identifying, buying and selling real estate. As a founder and Managing Member of The KABR Group, he is instrumental in fundraising, structuring joint-venture partnerships, sourcing and acquiring real property and debt. To date, Adam has participated in transactions totaling approximately six million square feet of commercial properties, as well as thousands of residential units, hotels and new development land with over 6,000 units of entitlements. Prior to joining KABR, Adam focused on acquisition, development, management and disposition of real estate for a multi-billion dollar healthcare company. He has also worked with the private wealth team at Deutsche Bank, portfolio manager/analyst at Chestnut Ridge Capital, and founded and sold, an ecommerce company. To learn more about Adam and The KABR Group, please click here.

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