QSRs Find Their Footing in Uncertain Times

What lies ahead for QSR? Brett M. Buterick, Esq., counsel in the Franchise & Hospitality and Litigation practice groups at A.Y. Strauss, is quoted by reporter Cindy Atoji Keene in the August/September 2020 issue of Independent Joe, the magazine of the DD Independent Franchise Owners, Inc., in her article “QSRs Find Their Footing in Uncertain Times.”

Brett says, β€œFor those QSRs that are willing to adapt and take COVID for what it is – a long-term, serious global pandemic – the future is strong. For those who underestimate the impact this is having, or believe it will magically disappear on a date certain, the future is more bleak. But in either category, cooperation between franchisors and franchisees, franchisees and employees, and employees and customers, is vital to re-emerging from COVID with any semblance of normalcy.”

Read the full issue of Independent Joe here.