Secrets of the Industrial Sector with Sean Dalfen, President, Dalfen Industrial

Sean Dalfen, president of Dalfen Industrial, reveals the keys to success in real estate, but warns that they have nothing to do with instant gratification. He tells host Aaron Strauss how three generations of Dalfens have steered the business’s strategy for nearly a century, and how the firm currently manages its portfolio of last-mile industrial real estate acquisitions and developments.

Learn how Dalfen leverages both its cutting-edge, proprietary technology and knowledgeable boots-on-ground local teams to drive its steady upward trajectory through the cyclical nature of the real estate industry. The duo also discuss the importance of staying true to fundamentals, the value of longevity, and how commitment and focus are determining factors in the real estate industry.

Other topics include:

  • What Dalfen looks for in a potential acquisition deal, including his initial evaluation questions;
  • How a carefully honed corporate governance structure makes all the difference in a company’s success;
  • Why Dalfen stays away from converting vacant shopping malls into industrial buildings;
  • How finding problems you love to solve can result in finding the work you were meant to do.

Sean Dalfen

Sean Dalfen is the President and Chief Investment Officer of Dalfen Industrial. He has oversight responsibility for all of Dalfen’s businesses, investment activities, strategic direction, and resources. After joining the firm in 2006, Sean was instrumental in the firm becoming one of the largest buyers of industrial real estate, having executed over $6 billion of transactions involving in excess of 40 million square feet of industrial properties in North America. Prior to Dalfen, Sean worked at NAI Commercial as an Investment Sales Broker where he was one of the company’s Top 10 producers in Canada. To learn more about Sean and Dalfen Industrial, please click here.

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