Serial Entrepreneurship with Kenneth Pasternak, Executive Chairman and CEO at The KABR Group

Kenneth PasternakKenneth Pasternak, widely recognized as an accomplished entrepreneur and business leader, is best known as the Executive Chairman, CEO, and founder of The KABR Group. Established in 2008, The KABR Group is a distinguished private equity real estate firm specializing in value-added and opportunistic investments. Under its visionary leadership, the firm has achieved remarkable success, having completed over 100 transactions with a cumulative value of $2 billion. Kenneth’s strategic acumen and passion for his work have solidified KABR’s reputation as a prominent player in the real estate investment industry.

Before his tenure at The KABR Group, Kenneth made his impact on the financial world by co-founding Knight Trading Group in 1994. Serving as CEO until his retirement in 2002, he transformed the company into the leading wholesale maker in the United States securities markets. Under his leadership, the company experienced exponential growth, culminating in a successful initial public offering in 1998, which saw Knight’s market capitalization soar to over $5 billion.

Kenneth’s journey in the financial sector began at Spear, Leeds & Kellogg, where he started as a librarian before ascending through the ranks to become a Senior Vice President, Limited Partner, and Trading Room Manager. His early experiences honed his expertise and laid the foundation for his remarkable achievements in the world of finance and real estate, and his career is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit, leadership prowess, and unwavering commitment to success.

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