There are two things you can expect from A.Y. Strauss, a New York/New Jersey powerhouse legal boutique:

    1. Excellent, entrepreneurial-style legal service to clients, with a growing team of attorneys most of whom have come from institutional firms.
    2. Ambitious attorneys who thrive in a creative environment, with a take charge approach and passion for delivering on the extra mile and making a difference for their clients.

A.Y. Strauss offers a setting where attorneys respect one another, and where they are challenged to be the best lawyers. The team consistently delivers superb work and lawyers have the freedom to service clients without the hierarchical red tape of a large firm. That’s the A.Y. Strauss model.

Ambition, collaboration, and entrepreneurial spirit are all at play. Lawyers stretch their former capabilities and take on new demands in the law and in clients’ business environments. As new technological tools and elements have entered real estate–and every other area of business–the firm is paving the way to meet new challenges.

A.Y. Strauss has developed the areas of expertise clients want, without sacrificing the team’s broad scope of experience. It’s an expanding and exciting place to be, for our attorneys and clients alike. The firm is the solid, always-available resource, with excellent working relationships between clients and lawyers, that are candid, open, and consistent.

As a result of the close and collegial environment, our attorneys are uninhibited about seeking out help from within the firm wherever the best knowledge is available. The lines of authority don’t go vertically, they go down the hall, wherever the best expertise can be found. Deep, broad knowledge of our clients, their needs, and the relevant law are in every corner of the office, and our team leverages the best resource for every business solution, problem, or deal.

A.Y. Strauss is where clients engage with attorneys eager to address their needs and anticipate challenges. It’s a dynamic team of energetic, like-minded people who serve as the core of a fast-growing law firm.