Inviting The Individual Investor Into Multi-Family with Eric Barvin, Founder, The Barvin Group

Host Aaron Strauss and featured guest Eric Barvin discuss how his firm – Barvin – offers unique investment opportunities to high-net-worth individuals otherwise excluded from the chance to expand their portfolio with multifamily properties, and how his team continues to earn the respect and referrals of those investors by emphasizing transparency, community, and candor.

Follow Eric’s journey from ambitious 22-year-old struggling to find his footing in real estate to successful leader of multifamily property management company with $850M+ assets in its care and how a mentor’s gift of, not a job, but full access to an established Rolodex started it all.

Other topics include:

  • How Eric puts together the equity necessary for each project;
  • Why Eric believes avoiding institutional investors keeps him in the driver’s seat;
  • How Eric’s alternative education – with jobs in the manufacturing and mortgage banking industries – prepared him for success in real estate;
  • The importance of understanding the language of the local real estate market – whether in Thailand or Texas;
  • How regular meditation and competitive basketball help Eric manage stress and improve communication channels, both personally and professionally.

Eric Barvin

As founder, chairman, and CEO of Barvin, Eric is responsible for the strategic planning and growth of the company and maintains oversight over all aspects of Barvin. Eric believes that the company’s commitment to an evergreen business strategy allows Barvin to make long term commitments, thereby helping to attract and retain the best talent in the industry. Eric received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in international studies and economics from Emory University. After graduating in 2007, he began his career as a real estate analyst in mortgage banking. In 2009, Eric founded Barvin Group, LLC to acquire multifamily communities. To learn more about Eric, please click here.

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Hosted by Aaron Y. Strauss, Managing Partner at A.Y. Strauss

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